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Right now recovery. And drink remakes.

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Combined with all of that, this maybe just fine. Which one is Starbucks emulating? I shopped once at Walmart…took one bad experience of bad treatment and never been back.


I can say the same about Starbucks. I am a regular sometimes more than one visit per day at various Starbucks around my area. Will drive extra distance and pass other coffee shops to get to Starbucks. Because Starbucks is a consistently upscale coffee experience. The cards are to recover poor service, not incorrectly made drinks.

We are very closely monitored by our SM and DM as to how many comps and recovery coupons are rung up. If it seems like too many, we get called out on it. We have been training a lot of new partners recently so I have comped several orders because of excessive wait times. Our recovery coupons are locked up in the safe. I think I would vote to keep the coupons otherwise this could get to be as divisive as the refill policy.

No matter what happened. I messed , you messed up, the customer ahead or behind you messed up.

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Once I worked for a Store Manager that used them for a really traumatic experience. A vehicle messed up ya know plowed threw the store and knocked the pastry case across the cafe no one hurt, but really freaked out. I worked foraStarbucks for 7 years. That way for treating customer recovery is no longer in the training. Since I was trained that way I also added that into the training when I had new partners. But that was my own doing. I wish that Starbucks would add that acronym back into their training materials. On the customer recovery note… I like the old recovery coupons but some partners abused them.

They were being handed out like candy. Lindsay That acronym should be brought back to barista training. But the majority of the need to use these special recovery certificates would disappear with expanded, excellent barista training and accountability.

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Lindsay-I agree completely with you. When I was managing I made sure all my baristas knew and understood the importance of customer service and recovery of situations. Our standards are not being taught effectively and that includes customer service. Recovering a situation needs to be done promptly and graciously, card or coupon. Will the old recovery certificates be valid indefinitely?

I assumed something backed them up inside or technical difficulties and am pretty laid back for the most part. Both times- I did NOT feel entitled to said coupon and was surprised to received them. I do however think some of the policies sorta groom people to expect certain things and in turn know how to milk the situation.

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Whereas the baristas are stuck between a rock and a hard place, because all it takes is for an unhappy customer to complain about service and get even more validation and coupons. I think this is a good thing for the baristas from a customer service standpoint.

It will probably have growing pains as do all transitional phases. But I think people customers need to get over themselves and not expect a handout for every little bump in the road they encounter in a luxury like a coffee shop. Which IS a privilege to be able to afford. In the past I have actually refused when a Recovery Coupon was offered even though my beverage was remade to my satisfaction. My normal drink is a quad iced venti latte.

On special occasions I will get a fifth shot. Is this coupon reusable? What if you get a plain drip coffee and pay this this voucher? Can you use the difference towards another drink some other time? Yes Brian.

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It works like cash and you will have a balance left for a second drink. That being said makes this even better than the old RC. Two drinks instead of one for some people. Second, a few thoughts.

That time I talked to customer service and they sent me 2 free drinks, I would have been ecstatic for 1 if it was sent quickly. The second time I had an issue was recently, I bought coffee from an inside Safeway. Not only was there an unground bean in my coffee and some grounds, but the coffee tasted horrible which made for a bad shopping experience as they were too busy to deal with me when I first went back to talk to them. I had only a couple of sips, and no place to throw it away while shopping so at the end of the trip I made my way back and pointed out my issues, noting I was no longer shopping and it was a miserable experience.

I just wanted acknowledgement that I had a bad experience, and as manager I assumed she would be experienced enough to do that.

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  • After asking her to dump my coffee she finally got just how little I enjoyed it, and gave me a free drink. Interestingly, Licensed stores will be hanging on to the paper coupons until further notice. We can redeem the new ones, but we only issue the free drink coupons.

    My thoughts mainly echo those above. Also, Melody, in our current training, the A stands for Apologize and ask questions clarifying what the problem is, so that when you take action to make it right, you can :.

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    DadCooks — I believe the action item told us to continue to accept the old paper ones until further notice, but if I were you I would plan to use them sooner rather than later! Rebecca Thank you — Great comment, as always. The highly counterfeited Orange card stock ones we will probably honor as long as the button exists.

    A manager will be able to correct the cost of a drink over 4 but only a manager, right. They just want the coupon. I feel slimy give those out. This will lead to more gracious recovery for the customer using the card. He is no longer with the company, thankfully, but the careless attitude of his partners is his legacy, sadly, and it takes a long time to change that.